Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Laurie B

Laurie B does art for Top Cow's War of the Witchblades. Here is an image of Red by Laurie B via Badbartopia. Kinda looks like the pic is from a camera phone, so add the glass and things got a little fuzzy. You should check out Badbartopia sometime.


  1. Cute very cute...has kinda an anime appeal to it.

  2. This Sonja sketch is also in one of Laurie's sketchbooks (I think it's "Pure Heroine, another taste").

    The Witchblade photo you linked to in the post above is being blocked because...well, it's nothing personal, but I don't allow many sites to share my bandwidth. Feel free to rehost it or link right to Laurie's site: http://artoflaurieb.com (though I don't think the Witchblade cover is in her online portfolio, but I know she does mention it on her blog).

    The Sonja photo isn't actually from a camera phone - it's from a regular old camera, but it's a photo of the sketch under glass. I just didn't feel like removing the sketch from the frame, scanning in multiple sections and then reassembling.

    So...you're a bunch of raving Sonja fans, huh? You should see the 1983 Red Sonja #1 I picked up at the Con. I haven't gotten around to mentioning it online yet, but scans will be forthcoming...eventually.

  3. Thanks for dropping by Bart. Sorry about the direct link. I'll correct by directing to your blog instead.

    The '83 Red - Is that the mini series (2 issue) or the all face and sword cover? I have both. Haven't really gotten around to rescanning my old collection (or digging it out of the garage, for that matter).

    Glass is always hard to photograph, and I certainly wouldn't take it out of the frame either :-)

  4. Hey, no sweat.

    I've actually opened up my site to your domain, so you can direct-link to your heart's content now. I don't share with just anybody, but I like you guys.

    Here's the cover of the Sonja comic I picked up at ComicCon: http://badbartopia.net/images/news/red_sonja/red_sonja_1_1983_cover.jpg. I didn't really start following Sonja before Dynamite began publishing the title, so I know little about this specific issue (I haven't even read it yet).

  5. Where are all the followers?