Saturday, February 12, 2011

SONJA - convention drawings.

Ernie Chan ~ Sergio Cariello ~
Mike Hoffman ~

Dave Simons ~

Here at RSSDWAS we like to browse the web and find material appropriate for our little BLOG. Once in a while I see things that catch my eye or spark some kind of idea in my twisted little brain.
DYNAMITE comics put out an issue of RED SONJA with a blank cover and copies of it were used by dozens and dozens of collectors to go out and get drawings on the covers themselves...some of these turned out really well. They shared their art with us on the site and I found them and I'd like to share with you good people RED SONJA fans...Here your gonna see art by Ernie Chan , Sergio Cariello , Mike Hoffman and Dave Simons.

Dave was a great artist a master in fact and he produced many comic books and he even did several issues of CONAN under the MARVEL umbrella years ago. Sad to say the Dave passed away. But his work lives on in the pages of the great comic books he produced. I hope you enjoy this little gallery.


  1. You continue to be my go-to blog for red-headed cheesecake. Keep up the great work!