Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Black and white and red

The genius of Estaban Maroto
Cuddie Torian

Darwyn Cooke

Richard Atkins

Richard Mckelvey

I had a thought come to mind as I was browsing the web for some cool new pics of Sonja. I kept seeing these clever little works of art with RED washes for Sonja's hair and thought to myself..." Hey lets find a few more and post them on RSSDWAS!"

A lot of time has passed since anybody added a new post here at SONJA...maybe because we're busy people leading our busy lives. I know I've been busy. I don't really have much time just a couple of hours after work before my wife comes home and then it's quality time until it's time for bed before we have to get up and go to work and start another busy tedious day. I get home a few hours before she does as her office allows her some over time and she of course takes advantage while it is there. My job however does not offer me OT but I have the advantage of being a receiving clerk so I have a PC at work and while I'm on lunch I browse the web and find neat little pics for my blogging. I even prepped this here text at work and sent it to m'self then did the old copy and paste. I do hope you like my selections. I think the contrast is brilliant and beautiful.

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  1. I love that Darwyn Cooke one. He has such a cool style.