Monday, December 12, 2011

Help a Brother Out!

Hello all,

Got an email from a reader who is looking for an assist to aid with an art project. I have a feeling a lot of these might be Dynamite Entertainment characters, but could be wrong. The new Sonja is not as much in my wheelhouse. If you have any good links post in the comments, or you can email J or me.

Hey gang !

I 'm a french artist and I'm doing some Red Sonja sketch cards for Breygent . They have to be done for January in the beginning ...

Except for Sonja and Kula Gathe, it's impossible to find any reference on the net for the rest of the characters list Breygent send me and I'm not very familiar with Sonja universe ...

I just found your blog and I thought that you guys, as great fans of that cute warrior, could probably help me and maybe could send me some cool links or some cool references, if you know them, of these different characters from this list:
  • Osin
  • Summaro
  • Kalevel
  • Ozzyus
  • Zartur
  • Suvara
  • Melea
  • Scathatch
  • Celestial
  • Hunter
  • Talus
  • Graven Sul
  • Kain
  • Jubal
Help me Obi Wa... sorry! Guys! I already have some cool cards done, but I need diversity ... You're my only hope ...

Here's my DeviantArt gallery link, if you want to check my work

Please , help me ...



  1. You should have no problem finding the information you seek by visiting DYNAMITES website. You can also get yourself a comic book price guide and look for the issues the characters were in...there should be descriptions about plotlines and characters next to each issue number as well as artists names and such. That may help to narrow down your search. But the villains themselves would not have links of there own.

  2. pardon me- " Their own " to correct my typo