Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blue Concept Art

Concept artwork for Red Sonja : Blue by Walter Geovani, who for me is one of the best artist's to depict Big Red (I just wish Dynamite would get him back on the regular series), showing Sonja in her replacement attire, which is a homage to her 1980's apparel (though missing the black and yellow sash around her waist).
The finished article, personally I thought this was a welcome change to the chainmail bikini and would have liked to have seen her carry on wearing it for a while. Oh well, I can dream.


  1. It looks so much like Belit's outfit from the old Marvel comics. I rather see her in that outfit, then Belit - who was a lot more scant, in the old yarns. ;)

    1. Intreasting point, I never considered Belit's outfit, thanks :)