Friday, February 20, 2015

Second Red Sonja / Conan series

In Red Sonja / Conan, the crimson-tressed warrior and Hyborian berserker are reunited during an impromptu tournament of arms, a festive occasion that unexpectedly gives way to supernatural menace. The famous fantasy pair — known for their camraderie in battle, the fiery tension of an unspoken passion, and the occasional rivalry towards each other as respected peers — must unite to face a horde of demons set loose upon the land.  While the events of Red Sonja / Conan take place one year after the continuity established in the Conan / Red Sonja series of early 2015, the script has been carefully constructed to appeal to returning fans and newcomers alike.

Its a good year to be a Sonja fan.

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  1. I look forward to it. On a sidebar, What is Conan the Martian doing in that Ross painting. I love Sonja there, but Conan's anatomy just doesn't add up there.