Tuesday, June 7, 2016

British Fantasy Awards 2016


Red Sonja (2015) #14 to 18 are up for Best Comic, alongside The Sand Man, Bitch Planet, Ms.Marvel, Nimona and Saga. All I can say is good luck.


  1. Oh god, don't let this twitter hint be that unconscionable hack returning.

    Amazing what people will consider awarding, though.

    1. Urgh...at least sales would go up?

    2. That's what I wonder. Sales were higher, she ended around the high 9ks after staying in the 10k range for her second arc. The drop may have been more to SoS and the regular series coming out bi-monthly. The first series ended in the mid 5ks.

      They did have higher sales and more media coverage while she was on the book. However, those people didn't stay when she left and didn't seem to have bought the spin off on SoS. Folks bought Simone's stuff but the didn't care for anything else so bringing her back? It's a real possibility. Still, her vision didn't work so how much of a fix would it really be except in the short term?