Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Red Sonja #1 January 2019

So Dynamite are relaunching Red Sonja in the new year, under a new creative team, which will see her as a "war time leader" of her homeland. Brought to us by two chaps called Russell and Colak.


  1. The preview art here makes this story sound pretty good. Just take us away from Simone and her influence. The art here gives me hope we might get that wish.

  2. I have really high hopes for this series. The creative team has done its research and they're taking the She-Devil in a completely new direction from Chu ... I don't think this new series is going to be as funny but there will be more action, gore and iconic moments and more of an overall epic feel.

    I really enjoyed Amy and Eric's run for the most part but it's time for something different, and this new team seems to be taking the She-Devil seriously.

  3. Mirko ńĆolak who is a Serbian artist, said they will bring back good old, original Sonja. Finally. Enough of Gail Simon's whorish stinking SJW warrior!