Thursday, October 22, 2009


Perhaps the most unlikely team up of all time even more unlikely than Spider man Red Sonja teamed up with a character all but forgotten until now.
People were wondering I am sure who the heck is CLAW? Well in the 1970's when CONAN was hot several creations were put out there as copetition - IRON JAW from ATLAS SEABOARD and WULF from the same company and DC comics created CLAW. To be honest if it was a dude with a sword and he was fighting wizards and demons and monsters and zombies I was IN.
These samples of art are from some of the greats currently pumping out art...Alex Ross , Jum Lee and Andy Smith - incidently he and I went to JKS together the same years 88-90 I never finished 3rd year ( 91 ) but I could tell from Andy's willingness to learn he was going to be a force in the biz!


  1. I think I bought most of this run and keep meaning to get ahold of the graphic-because thats what I always use to reread a series.

    I have to laugh that my 4 year old son whenever he saw CLAW called him Conan, because come on whats he really look like? But a red handed clone.

  2. In fact when the series first came out he was drawn by Ernie Chan.
    Yes he looked exactly like CONAN.