Sunday, January 10, 2010

Red Sonja - the choice of rocks gods

I picked up a book from the discount rack at Barnes & Noble today, The Police 1978-1983 Lynn Goldsmith.

"And what" you're asking yourself, "could this possibly have to do with Red Sonja?"

Well, let me tell ya. As I was flipping through the photos in the book, I came across a photo of Stewart Copeland, the band's drummer, sitting in a room littered with guitars, recording equipment and various photos and posters on the walls. One item on the wall stood out to me immediately, though: an issue of Red Sonja.

How cool is that?


  1. i grew up on The Police and while I think Sting is a bit over rated i always had a high opinion of Copeland. he moves up 6 points on my cool index.

    a nice bit of trivia you found there.

  2. Yes, cool find Bartski. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Giant steps are what you take,walking on the moom. I hope my legs don't break , walking on the moon.

  4. Copeland's first wife: Sonja Kristina from Curved Air.