Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sonja and the Sisterhood of Steel

Many moons ago, I bought a book called Sword Song Sisterhood of Steel, a collection of artwork* featuring - you guessed it - medieval hotties with swords.

A few of the images feature she-devils wearing the armor that made Sonja famous: the good ol' chain mail bikini (or a reasonably brief alternative). The long manes of firey read hair make me wonder if each of these is actually just a rendering of Sonja.

All the chainmail bikini girls aren't redheads, though.

What is it about near-naked chicks and edged-weapons?

* I wish I knew who the respective artists were, but they weren't really identified in the book (anywhere I noticed, anyway).

Regarding the respective artists as mentioned in the comments...I was right about Blas Gallego, but the Fastner & Larson guess turned out to be wrong. David Dunstan did the blonde slicing her bikini bottom (it's also on the back cover).

I'm amazed that the individual artists are only noted in a passing way by the book on this title page. Very weird.


  1. Nice collection.

    I am tempted to say the one in the horned helmet cutting her costume is by Fastner & Larson, but could not swear to it at this time :-)

  2. I agree with Darius. I'm not 100% sure, but she definitely has the look of Fastner & Larson.

  3. It's very likely that she is, because many of the other paintings in the book were definitely Fastner & Larson creations.

    I suspect the first and third may be by Blas Gallego - they just have that look.

  4. I wouldn't have known it was Fastner & Larson, but I was going to comment that I liked that one in particular.

  5. Shiver,shudder.....whoa! Hot Tamales!

  6. The cartoonish Viking blond girl with the yellow disk is from Loopy Dave.