Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rated R for RED SONJA

Ya ' know it aint the first time and won't be the last.
I like to browse the RED SONJA gallery @ Comicart looking for cool drawings.
Many times I find Nip slips and wardrobe malfunction or even straight up full frontal topless shots.
No doubt about it people love the cheesecake factor. I remember a Facebook friend of mine ( an established comic professional ) saying he " Thinks it's creepy for someone to want to see a naked super hero. "....NOW...I do agree seeing gratuitous or sleazie renderings of Super folk engaging in sexual acts is a bit creepy.
But I think these particular drawings of BIG RED bursting at the seams are rather tasteful. Not sleazy at all. IMHO ....I am an artist myself. I was trained using life models. So seeing naked boobies does not excite me. I rather feel that a woman's body is a piece of art.
Gods finest work....yes he created the natural wonders of the world and that includes WOMEN.
So don't be put off by seeing RED in all her glory. Enjoy the beautiful artwork. It's not sleazy at all to like good artwork. It expands your horizons. :)


  1. Well, that's funny... your friend's comment, that is. I've always got this crazy idea that comic book artists would have huge piles of porn or simply naked drawings of their (female) characters, that they couldn't publish but couldn't resist doing at all.

    I mean... if you're Frank Thorn drawing such a blattantly eroticized character like RED, it would be natural to assume you'd not resist doing such deawings (he did, with Ghitta).

    And if you're John Byrne working on the FF, I can't imagine how you can resist drawing erotic pictures of Sue Storm.

    Moreover when you know that you are the ONLY ONE that can make it right, because you are the "official" artit for that character.

    Well, just some thoughts. I love the images of Sonja you've selected.


  2. 2 artists come to mind who do drawings at cons concerning the very subject. Jim Balent and...Michael Bair I believe...and the drawings are unbelieveable to say the least.
    I'd get one if I could afford it. SONJA and SHANNA in a SHE-DEVIL cat fight!

  3. 1 Excellent after-battle pic; for a warrior, you sure don't see her fight much in the fanpics. Great attention to detail though. Hopefully, after the looting, RS can afford a PLATE-Mail Bikini. Looks like the naughty bits were in danger there for a sec... Is this by the Cavewoman guy?(Explains the quality.) Hell, maybe he could do some issues?

    2-The detached stare while exposing her breast is kinda disturbing. What's with the thigh band thing?

    3-This one's funny 'cuz you know it could happen.

    4-Standard topless pose, no reason; Tits. Eh.

    'don't be put off by seeing RED in all her glory.'-this must not be referring to this post.-None of the pics show RS nekkid.

    Interesting, my pick would be RS vs. Shanna vs. Hellcat vs. Tigra, with a transdimensional run-in by Hawkwoman, in the Savage Land for no particular reason at all! Being as Jim Aparo and Don Newton have passed, I'd want George Perez, Rich Buckler, Rick Hoberg, Jerry Ordway, or Jose Luis Garcia Lopez to illustrate this titanic, bloody, and nonsensical battle. Or maybe Ramona Fradon or Frank Cho. Or all of 'em, if I won the lottery.

  4. YES that is INDEED the work of Budd Root the Cave Woman artist. Well....there is some sugar bush showing in the one shot ANNNND!!! The last a bondage pic. She's chained to a pillar and they have taken her breast mail. I think I like UH-OH the most..well maybe the Root? Hmm hard to determine.

  5. The Budd Root one is very nice in terms of color and detail (I love those nipples) but I think Sonja came out a little bit too rubenesque for my taste.

    2 and 3 are nice, but not my special kind of cup.

    So I'd go for the bondage one. I think her breasts are simply glorious in that pic. Only turn off is the almost compliant expression on her face. I'd prefer for her to be showing a little more defiance. But great pictures all the same.


  6. @ Gazer...SONJA - is a stone cold KILLER warrior. That expression means..." Even though my hands are bound I WILL KILL YOU! "