Thursday, May 7, 2015

Yet more exclusive covers

What is this? The 90's??


  1. What I got from issue one? Men are shitty people from their youth to adulthood. Besides that, Sonja is starts beaten and bailed out again. I can't say this issue inspired any confidence in the story.

    1. Well the story was all over the place, I couldnt follow anything that was going on, and from the "event checklist" its going to read like a typical marvel crossover, main series is a sort of summary issue, with all the main events happening in the tie ins.

    2. That seems likely. Can't say there was anything of interest in the story as it is mostly characters I don't follow and have no interest in apart of Sonja and Dejah Thoris. Most crossovers at least have some foreshadowing from the characters' respective books but this has none so far as I can see. The story has to build up entirely in 'Swords of Sorrow' and this did nothing to really peak my interest.