Saturday, November 28, 2009

Do I see a little fur peeking out of Sonja's bikini?

I noticed that one of my Savage Sword of Conan magazines contained a Red Sonja story this weekend. As I flipped through the pages to the story ("The Road to Zanadu"), I stumbled upon some Sonja pinups.

The chain-mail bikini comes and goes...

Sadly, "The Road to Zanadu" itself wasn't one of the better scripted or illustrated Sonja stories I've seen (and the whole "Sonja giving herself up to a simpering weakling despite his inability to best her in any way" aspect of the story was a little disconcerting), so I won't be sharing any of those pages...but there was another discovery in that Conan magazine: I discovered an ad for several different artists' portfolios and the sample image for one of them, a Blas Gallego portfolio, sent me on a quest for more. With a cursory Google search, I discovered a lot of non-Sonja images, but also one image that was clearly Sonja and Conan together.

The fur-lined chainmail bikini and psychotically grinning Conan are too funny.


  1. That's not fur. That's a muffin! Ohhhh hoh ho that was so inappropriate !!!!