Saturday, November 7, 2009


I am loving this...with the series having been in DYNAMITE's hands since 2005 we get to see awesome SONJA art every month! I am hoping this new direction is as interesting as the covers look. I wonder though...are they changing the title of the book or starting another book to go along with the current one?


  1. Check out this cool Buscema homage. Cool huh?

  2. It should say "After Buscema" on there somewhere.

  3. I just caught up on Sonja #40-49 and Queen Sonja #1 this past weekend. The general direction of the new book is still a little hazy, but it sure seems like the multiple-Sonja-incarnation storyline led right into this new chapter in the Sonja saga, which should mark the end of the previous title. Or maybe the Sonja timeline is going to spliner, who knows?

    The classic Sonja reprint at the end of issue #1 was pretty cool, too. I was going to scan a coupe of pages and post them, but I figure you guys have all seen them already, so why bother.