Saturday, November 14, 2009

RED SONJA ~ Original cover art

Walt Simonson shared this with his friends on Facebook and I am now sharing this with fans of RED SONJA. Mary Wilshire was the artist for RED SONJA's second series for are the comments by WALTER SIMONSON copied and pasted.

"Red Sonja No. 2 cover. My inks over Mary Wilshire's pencils. 1983.

I'm posting these two pictures for fun, and because they may be instructive. Exactly what they're instructive about, I can't say.

Mary penciled some Red Sonja comics back in the early 80s. I was asked to ink the first couple of covers.

The picture here is the second cover as I inked it. Generally, when I ink somebody else, I try to ink the work as it exists, to bring out what the pencils already show. Mary's work then was very linear and had a rather beautiful outline, so I went with that.

In the case of this cover, Marvel editorial decided that my inks were not sufficient unto the drawing.

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  1. Ohh...I forgot the little quotation mark at the very end there.