Friday, November 6, 2009


Published by Fireside Books 1977Foreward by Stan LeeCover by John RomitaHard and softcover editions were offered
1977 - saw the publication of "The Superhero Women Featuring the Fabulous Females of Marvel Comics" which featured Medusa (Lee & Romita), Red Sonja(Bruce Jones & Frank Thorne), Invisible Girl (Lee & Kirby), Ms. Marvel (Lee & Buscema), Hela (Lee & Buscema), the Cat (Linda Fit & Marie Severin), Wasp (Lee & Kirby), Lyra the Femizon (Lee & Romita), Shanna the She-Devil (Carole Seuling & Ross Andru) and Black Widow (Lee & Romita).


  1. I love Romita's painting here of the Super women. I loved the way Sonja figures prominantly in the layout.

  2. I remember seeing this advertised all the time but I was never sure what exactly was in it. Was it stories or art? Man, if it was art I might have to track it down.

  3. It is reprinted tales from comic books.