Sunday, March 20, 2011

Drunk blogging.

This pair of beauties is by popular professional and well known artist Geoff Isherwood...
And he...knows his way around some chain mail bikini's.

This one is by a very talented artist by the name of Emma Alvarez.

This is by..Mark Winters and I can't read this one...but he makes sonja have some nice boobies with a bit
of a nip slip.

I have had 3 beers and 4 glasses of I'm a bit f'd up in the all together
So...I decided it was time to post a new SONJA post being that she's been neglected. Hope you like my choices as I took about 4 minutes to google search for some new RED SONJA images to post. The moon is really fucking full out there right now and I gotta occupy my brain somehow and I figure this'd be the best way to spend up some nervous energies.

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Art of Fiona Staples

I came across this piece in my regularly scheduled google searches for cool art to post here on RSSDWAS and I found FIONA...she is a professional cartoonist with quite an impressive resume.

I'm digging the way SONJA is wearing ol' Bumbles hide here in this ..TRIUMPHANT portrait of the RED HEAD OF VENGEANCE!!!