Friday, July 23, 2010

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I've been visiting comic art fans a lot and picking out drawings of Sonja and so on for a few months now.  I came across this one I would like to share with you...Don't know who the artist is but it's beautifully crafted.  Looks to be colored with pastels...not an easy medium to work with.  This artist kicked ass.  Plus I love the Peter Griffin side boob shot and there is nothing I like more than some cheesie cake to brighten up my day.
    The hair is masterfully done and I love the sillhouettes of the warriors in the background...just an outline and more pastels.  Clever , beautiful...deadly.

Red Sonja by Andy Smith....

Andy was one of my Kubert school alumns - he was not in my class but he went there when I did.  I saw him everyday and I admired his work.  I liked the way he inked back then.  Very clean deft line delineation.
He's a pretty big name in comics these days.  He's done RED SONJA / CLAW and currently you can see his work in the WWE comic books.  He's an all around everyman artist who can do it all...draw,ink.letter,color,write..he's a real pro and I am proud to have studied art with him.
He has a few books out that he wrote...instructional how to...make comics and such.
He is also a radio personality in the Florida area.  Recently because of his radio connections he filmed a tv pilot for a sitcom on a cable network...he played a director.  Fitting. :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

As real as Red gets....

Unless one were posting an actual photo of a woman dressed like this would be the only way for somebody to have a visual of what RED SONJA would look like in reality if she were walking right by you out in the real REAL world.  Looking at this painting I notice the hard athletic ( BUT SEXY ) body and can feel the strength and power a woman like this would actually have.  Trying to imagine who would best play the role of RED in a movie were it made 30 or so years ago.  This particular painting I see a little Raquel Welch and a little Adrienne Barbeau.  But even the  vivacious Raquel and the voluptuous Adrienne never had physique's like this.   But I am highly impressed by the photo realistic qualities of this artists skills.  Not too realistic so as not to forget it's a painting.

Another Sonja , Manga style

A couple of months ago I posted a sweet manga style Red Sonja that was just too cute not to admire and fall in love with....Recently I found this OTHER manga style Sonja drawing on Comicartfans and had to share.
    The shape of the hips the big anime style eyes the curvilicious nature of the busom....yeah, I had to share.