Monday, February 25, 2013

Sonja sighting!

I've never been a fan of the Doonesbury comic strip. It's too heavy on politics and too light on humor. I usually don't even bother looking at the strip as I peruse my Sunday morning funnies. But I did for some reason today. And what to my wondering eye should I see, but a reference to Sonja, if only too brief!

And then, later in the day, I received an email from one of many Yahoo groups I subscribe to, and learned of a Budd Root rendition of Red Sonja that's up for sale on the ComicArtFans web site. Budd Root is most well-know for his impossibly well-endowed Cavewoman artwork (which is rumored to be based on his wife, so maybe it's not so impossible after all). Alas, the artwork is far, far out my my price range.

I'd love to make a mention of Dynamite's Sonja books that are accumulating on my reading shelf, but I'm so far behind that the only book I've read in the past few months has been that Dynamite crossover thing, Prophecy. There have been some amazing Sonja covers (in the Queen Sonja series, especially) that are definitely worth a mention, but that's a post for another night...

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Beautifully RED piece by ENRIC

Someone shared this on facebook as artist unknown.  So I forwarded the pic to Mighty Joe ( Jusko ) and inquired " Who painted this masterpiece?"  Well he answered immediately " It's by Enric." now we know.  Thank you Joe,Thank you Enric and thank you to the facebook poster for sharing.  Enjoy.  :)