Monday, August 31, 2009

Real life RED

Back in the late 1990's there was a TV show...CONAN the this show they introduced the world to RED SONJA on national TV...I really think this woman deserved the part and in my opinion...if RED SONJA really's this girl here...she makes Brigitte look silly. She's 5' 8" tall and man she looked good in leather.

Album 3 COVERS

I guess this would just about wrap it up for now. But there are many other images and artworks out there. Too many ...too too many....


Alex Ross cover here is one of my runners up for 1st place but with all these other cool pieces of how can one decide?

John Buscema painted too....

Here is a cover shot for MSS # 9 with a beautiful Buscema painting...we got so used to seeing lgends like Frazetta and Joe Jusko and Boris and Earl Norem covers ( as well as many other talented masters ) that we totally forgot John Buscema could paint too....Here he paints a great Conan shot with our very own GLAMAZON ..RED SONJA she devil with a sword!!!

Ad Sonja.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Just a few of my favorites This issue of Savage Tales there has to be one of my favorite Sonja covers of all time.....hmmm...I wonder why?
Red Sonja has got to be one of the greatest creations in comic book to Wonder Woman no other female character is as well known.
This is just the first in a series of favorite covers.
Typically all these here were published by DYNAMITE comics but there were other companies Marvel.
They also put out a great package when they published RED SONJA take a gander and try not to get too much saliva on your keyboard.

Dungeon Module RS1: Red Sonja Unconquered

Alright, I have never actually played this, but how could I resist buying it? The cover art is by Larry Elmore (I hope that is right). The image at the bottom is 1200px wide, just in case you want to make a wallpaper out of it.

Sexy Red by Bubba Shelby

Here is one that Amazon Princess contributor Bubba Shelby did for me. I have the hard copy, which is trading card size, and very cool.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Holy Grail

I picked this Slurpee cup on Ebay for roughly 12 dollars. It came with a set of two Conan cups but let's be honest; I bought the set for the Red Sonja cup.

When I got the cup, it was pretty dirty. The previous owner had stored it in his cupboard since the 70's and it showed. I was in love with the cup, but afraid it would poison me if I touched it. That would be poetic I guess. How many of us would gladly risk death to touch Red Sonja's cups?

Ahem. I used a simple degreaser to clean it. The plastic itself has turned yellow in some places but that's good. It just makes it look more like the holy relic that it is.

The image of Red Sonja comes from Marvel Feature Presents Red Sonja #4 but it looks like it was redrawn. There is a unicorn on the back, which was a character from Red Sonja #1. If I had to bet, I would guess John Buscema did the art based on Frank Thorne designs.

For me this item hits the holy trinity of Red Sonja memorabilia. Does it have the chain mail bikini? Does it have awesome red hair? Does it have a remarkable feminine body?

I plan to use it as a dice cup for my next Conan RPG game.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"I am not mad, I am Red Sonja"

Dynamite Comics' Red Sonja #24

Even though I don't read comics much, I have seen a few issues of Dynamite's Red Sonja, and they are pretty good.

Frank Cho

I am going to say it. Frank Cho is the new Frank Thorne.

My holy grail

I remember these cups vividly. I certainly had a Spider-Man one, as I could not not have Spider-Man at the time. I was too young to appreciate Conan or Red at the time. I always look for these on eBay, but just never get the nerve to buy one.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And to the victor...

Art by Joe Jusko

Why a Red Sonja blog?

When I started learning to design web pages I was interested in comics. I could find websites for all my favorite heroes, but none for Red Sonja. I started a site some of you may have seen long ago, but have gotten away from the static webpage, so, a blog. This blog will be similar to Amazon Princess, which has been extremely successful.

I invite anyone interested to contribute. I don't have enough to say about Red Sonja to do it all the time, and maybe you have an interest but find it hard to fit the She-Devil into your own blog. Well, here is the place for you. Email or Tweet me with a request, and I will add you to the contributor list.

Email or Twitter

To get things rolling, here is my favorite cover. Red Sonja: She-devil with a Sword Vol.1 Num.5. I am pretty sure Frank Thorne is the artist. If not, it is certainly the Frank Thorne styled Sonja.