Sunday, May 27, 2012

Jettie Monday as Red Sonja

Jettie Monday is a fantastic cosplayer and I have featured her before on my other site as Zatanna.

Here she is as Red Sonja.  You can see more on her Facebook page too.
Photography by Bill Nash.

More links:
Her Facebook fan page,
Bill Nash Photography, and

Here are some others too from the Phoenix ComicCon.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Red Sonja by Joe Jusko

Joe Jusko...the guy has talent boy...out of all the current Fantasy artists out there...he is the guy carrying the torch. He calls these finished drawings con-sketches. He goes around the world from NY to Paris and points in between visiting with fans and doing drawings for the fans.
There is an enormous body of work behind the man as he started as an assistant to the Legendary Howard Chaykin then moved on to doing covers for Heavy Metal and on to CONAN and beyond....just visit and you'll see what I mean. From Vampirella to Tomb Raider to Paperback book covers to "The Hawks of outreemer" to an upcoming surprise revolving around a certain Jungle Lord. Joe's work has shined and spread across the industry like wildfire. He's not only carrying the torch andf following in the footsteps of greats like Frazetta and John Buscema but...he's created his own legacy for people to follow after him.
His technique is brilliant and he works at the speed of light. How can one artist produce so much work and deliver such beautiful paintings in the time he does? Ans: It's all talent baby...straight up talent. He put in the time and energy to be the Master he is...Rock on Joe...keep us thrilled and in suspense. Thank you for allowing me share your Sonja convention piece from your visit to Paris

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Neglected you say?...Nonsense.

This selection is from the late great Dave Hoover....the man was talented and his legacy will live on in his work. This selection is from an artist simply named BOSCO....I love the camera angle upshot going on here. Not an easy composition and not one people usually attempt. Beautiful BOSCO...thanks. This selection is from Cliff Chiang...I always liked this guys stuff. Great line work. This is from DYNAMITE artist Mel Rubi...still working hard and kicking ass. "No...Red Sonja : She Devil with a sword the blog is not's just that everyone has all kinds of other stuff going on. The contributors of this blog run other blogs and at times have no time for new posts. But I check it every day. I am always looking and checking stats and see what posts are the most popular and so on. So...even though you may not see any is still being monitored daily.

Anyway...I have some new images I'd like to share. I hope you enjoyed my selections." -Mike