Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Savage sword # 52 this story right here Rocks and it's quite possible it's my favorite SS ish ever...but that aint why I am putting up this new post here. It's for the Amazing Ernie Chan portfolio contained within. You love CONAN and CONAN related CONAN stuff? If you don't have this issue go get one because you're missing out on awesomeness. Just take a look at the art here on the Red Sonja pic from said portfolio.


  1. I found this a few years ago and even though I am buying the Dark Horse reprints, extra's like these pieces from Chan are why I still try to get the originals Savage Swords whenever possible. Other issues of interest for Red Sonja would be 21 (Red Sonja con photos) 44 has a couple great pinups, 45 has a stand-alone Sonja tale, 55 another great Sonja pinup, issue 20 has Sing a Song of Sonja's another con piece, I guess thats it my original collection isn't that big yet.

  2. you can probably get a decent lot price on Savage sword on some crazy ebay or craigs deal.
    I have just about all of them...I'd have to dig to tell you what's missing but my collection is not complete either. Thanks Dave me and the rest of the crew appreciate the input.

  3. Yeah, I only have about 25-30 out of what 200+??, long way to go yet.