Friday, March 19, 2010

The Sonja-Thor tag team

So Queen Sonja #2 finally came out last week (or the week before, I forget) and I only just got around to reading it (and the last couple of issues of Conan). Great stuff.

The cover is another Luccio Parrillo masterpiece (though I'm not entirely sure what it has to do with the story).

The story is progressing...interestingly. I'm not sure how Norse gods ended up in Robert E Howard's universe, but who couldn't love a throwdown with Thor, Loki and Sonja? Although I've never seen Thor's hair in quite that color.

The Loki of this story seems a little too...manly, too. I've always seen him represented and imagined him as more of a scrawny malcontent, not a powerful scheming dissident. But it works for the story.

This version of Loki certainly has no problem with the ladies. Look at the top frame, especially the girl in the foreground on the right side - that's a page right out of the Peter M Hsu playbook (Elf Warrior, Quadrant, Gauntlet).


  1. I really like the art in this book.

  2. As do I.

    Sorry to steal your thunder, Mikey. I didn't realize you were planning to post one up here today.

  3. "I'm not sure how Norse gods ended up in Robert E Howard's universe"

    This stopped being Robert E. Howard's universe a long time ago, when they made Hyrkanians into Medieval European peasants, put Milius' Thulsa Doom into the story, and introduced Claw the Unconquered.

    "Although I've never seen Thor's hair in quite that color."

    Interestingly enough, Thor was a redhead in the original Norse Mythology, so it's cool to see the lovely art adopt this.

  4. RE : Bartski -Oh...never you mind my posts are oft times spur of the moment with no planning @ all.
    RE:Taranaich- We all agree about the REH thing it was generally Roy Thomas creation. He took Sonya and made it into his own thing...while there were run ins with CONAN in the early Marvel run it was still not Howard.

  5. @Taranaich -

    I thought the same thing (about Sonja being in Howard's universe) as I was writing that. While it's true that Red Sonja as we know her isn't really a Howard creation in any way (other than a similarly spelled name of a completely different type of character), you can't really argue that there's not a connection between Sonja and Howard's Conan-dominated universe. Sonja has been marketed as "Robert E Howard's Red Sonja" for years and years. Introducing Claw and Thulsa Doom kinda fit within Howard's framework, but taking the Norse gods and sticing them in the same universe just seems curious.

    It's not bad - it's just curious. I'm enjoying both the art and the story in this series, so this isn't a complaint. It's just an observation.