Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm beginning to wonder if the film will ever be released

I was picking up my weekly fix of comics (no new Sonja or Conan books this week) at the local comic shop yesterday and heard some surprising Red Sonja news from one of my fellow comic-nerds: Rose McGowan is apparently out of Red Sonja.

I really don't think McGowan's recasting is a huge loss. Rose is attractive and probably would have played an okay Sonja (certainly better than the manly Brigitte), but is just a little too scrawny for Sonja. But - after my fellow nerd made us unsuccessfully guess who her replacement was for about five minutes - the actress reported to have been offered the role is just wrong. All wrong.

Megan Fox.

Seriously? Sure, she's got the Sonja curves, but even with the best wig or dye job, she's just doesn't visually look like a Red Sonja to me (although the visual comparison above makes a good case). And don't get me started on the one-dimensional, apathetic flatness of her "acting."

Haven't the fans of Red Sonja suffered enough?


  1. Not only is it wrong , all wrong Bart but it's only a rhumor. Megan Fox is a hottie and I could care less about her thumbs but it's not true anyway. She was never considered for the role. Go look at the photo's on CROM and the link provided.
    Rose? She broke up with Robt. Rodriguez so ...she's out.
    What they need is a lithe lean sexy athletic lady. Like Sandahl Bergman was as Valeria in the Conan pic.
    My suggestion to Hollywood is this..." Go out and do a search and destroy mission and cast an unknown who has the looks and attributes as well as athletiscism for the role.
    Out of all the delicious Hollywood hotties out there ...I don't feel anyone of them deserves to play Sonja. One girl would have been perfect that I can think of. JANINE from vivid video the adult film company. She's fit and tall and has that look in her eye that you want to mess with her but know she's dangerous with a knife!

  2. How would you feel about Scarlette Johannsen>

  3. Elena Satine is perfect Red Sonja.
    She has a face and a body of Sonja from comic books,she can act and she is Slav.
    What else do you need?


  4. Wow, I'd never heard of her, but she does look the part.