Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Red Sonja by Andy Smith....

Andy was one of my Kubert school alumns - he was not in my class but he went there when I did.  I saw him everyday and I admired his work.  I liked the way he inked back then.  Very clean deft line delineation.
He's a pretty big name in comics these days.  He's done RED SONJA / CLAW and currently you can see his work in the WWE comic books.  He's an all around everyman artist who can do it all...draw,ink.letter,color,write..he's a real pro and I am proud to have studied art with him.
He has a few books out that he wrote...instructional how to...make comics and such.
He is also a radio personality in the Florida area.  Recently because of his radio connections he filmed a tv pilot for a sitcom on a cable network...he played a director.  Fitting. :)

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