Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rose drops RED for CONAN - Latest Red Sonja film news.

After a long delay in the production for "Red Sonja", Rose McGowan has apparently left the project. The news was confirmed by the actress herself as she replied a tweet from her fan who seemed disappointed after finding out her departure.

"It's fine. It was Conan or that," she wrote on Monday, April 5 after her devotee claimed it is unfair that McGowan who has been attached to the movie since 2008 has to be replaced by Megan Fox. Moreoever, the "Charmed" star's statement hints that she had to choose between "Red Sonja" and "Conan", but she somehow landed her option to the latter.


  1. Damn, I always like to see Rose McGowen in anything....
    And for a second, I was hoping that this post was about Conan O'Brian.

  2. LOL...she'll probably be on CONAN but she is going to be in CONAN...probably after CONAN comes out she'll make a guest appearance on CONAN but only after CONAN is released.
    Old news is still newsworthy.

  3. Megan Fox? Please Crom, no. While it would not be past Hollywood to take one of the smartest, toughest heroines in S&S and turn her into a vapid centerfold, shouldn't the producers know that this would alienate the essential fanbase from the outset?
    Personally, I'd like to see someone like Keira Knightley play the role. Her role as Guinevere in King Arthur showed that she can do both smart and tough.
    Actually, compared with Megan Fox, I'd like to see Betty White play the role. At least then the movie would be interesting.