Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wendy Pini - A real life She -devil...

Wendy does it all. In the 1970's Wendy used to hit the cons dressed as Sonja. Wendy born in June around 50 years ago is stunning and sexy as well as DANE-GER-OUS with that sword in her hand. The creator of Elfquest a sword and sorcery series she produced with her husband ( A great series too ) She was a trailblazer as well. The Elfquest books were probably what we would consider the very first graphic novels. A trendsetter she was that Wendy Pini!


  1. Wendy Pini was a nice Sonja, but my fave was always Linda Behrle!!!

  2. Wendy Potter's Mom...Wendy is a Sonja cosplayer too....Check out her site "The Hyborian Players"