Monday, December 5, 2011

The Official Handbook of the Conan Universe

Back in 1985 Marvel published the Official Handbook of the Conan Universe.

Here is the page for Red Sonja, featuring the outfit that she was wearing at the time.  Seems a bit odd though that they didn't use the chain-mail outfit that she was most well known for.

Click for larger.


  1. Excellent outfit

  2. aT the time Marvel was going through a rehashing stage...this was the outfit designed by Artist Mary Wilshire for the new series.
    Conan was also going through some changes as well...they put Ron Lim on the book to give it a more Super Heroey feel and look. Being that Ron was a big seller with super hero titles...the sales actually picked up during that time for Conan...but dropped off when the stories really did not go in a new direction just more of the same. SONJA however...did not last much longer. But adding to her was a case of the ol' college try. Much to Marvels credit.
    People wanted to see hacking and slashing and a bit more cheesecake...this is the reason Dynamite is doing so well with her.

  3. Yeah, once they went to the blue outfit they never seemed to stick with it. Some issues she had on leggings, sometime full sleeves... I think they did not know what to do with her anymore. Thanks for posting that, I had never seen that before (not sure why they left the major Hyborians out of the regular MU set).

    Do you have Belit? I know some of our Conan fans love the Belit ;-)