Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Red Sonja: Barbarians of Lemuria

I had the chance to pick up Barbarians of Lemuria: Legendary Edition recently and I have to admit I was quite pleased.  The game was not at all what I expected it to be.

You can read my full review of it on my other blog, The Other Side, but here is something for all the Red Sonja fans out there.

Jettie Monday as Red Sonja
Red Sonja

Attributes  Combat 
 Strength          2 Brawl                1
 Agility  1 Melee    3
 Mind  0 Ranged  -1
 Appeal  1        Defense   1

 Barbarian   2   Lifeblood   14
 Mercenary   1  Hero Points    5
 Noble   1
 Assassin   1

Protection: d6-2 (light armour)
Weapons Sword d6+1, Knife d6-2

Spoken: Hyrkanian
Written: as spoken

Boons: Attractive, Hard to Kill

Flaws: Sc├íthach's Curse (never lie with a man unless he bests her in single combat)

Not a bad build.

You can find more at Beyond Belief Games'  website, http://beyondbeliefgames.webs.com/

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