Monday, April 1, 2013

A is for Azpiri, Adams, Amorim, Asrar and Andrian

Welcome to the first post of the April A to Z blogfest.
During this month we are going to focus on the artists that have brought Red Sonia to life through their art.

So without further ado here are the 'A's!
Alfonso Azpiri

Arthur Adams

Di Amorim

Mahmud A. Asrar

Ron Andrian

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  1. Great idea for an A-to-Z.

    Marcio Abreu is another good 'A'.

  2. Love your topic, and those drawings are so inspiring.

  3. If only I could draw. These people know their stuff!

  4. A good start to the a to z! ;-)

  5. I am hoping that the whole month is a good one for everyone.

  6. Alright, no point in being coy about it: I invite you to visit my blog on Day Q. I expect you'll approve.

  7. Visiting from the A to Z Challenge. To be honest, I know nothing of this. Though, I have to say - the artwork is amazing.

  8. Loved the artwork! Can't wait to follow along all month.

    P.S. Your word verification is still on. :(

  9. Stopping to visit other A-Z artists. Nice art, though I admit I don't know much about Red Sonja. I'll have to ask my kids to enlighten me on this one a bit. Enjoyed your post. Have a great month.


  10. I need to study up on Red Sonja - don't know a thing about her! Can you give all us A to Z followers a quick little tutorial?

    Cool artwork and I love the theme to bring attention to various artists. Awesome way to shed light on some great artists!