Friday, October 25, 2013

just a quick pic i did on the computer using artrage 
let me know if you like please 


  1. I have not posted here in a long time. Simply due to the fact that the contributors here are on the ball. Many times things I had in mind...I am beaten to the punch on. But that is not a bad thing. But...that's one of the hazards of multiple contributors. I am aware of this. I like what I've seen so keep up the great posts people. I am enjoying them.

  2. yeah seen some good art and cosplay as well on here
    but just because some one had the same idea does not mean you should not post your work because there are different perspectives to every thing and at the end of the day we are fans and it is easier for us to say what we want to draw so please dont put off your work bring it on same go's for any fan

  3. Personally I think this is awesome! Great art.

  4. Oh yes...forgot to compliment you on this awesome piece Lea. Very very good!
    Getting back to the other thing...I know what you mean but I see no reason to post the same exact picture or article as say...Tim for example. But I can always add my perspective in the comments section. ;)

    1. thank you for the good comment i am glad you like
      hopefully i will get more on soon

  5. Hey Lea,
    That's a very feminine looking Sonja and a beautiful piece of art. Thanks for sharing!