Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Lord Ingvard Red Sonja Redesign


These comic book redesigns are popping up all over the place now. This redesign is cool, but lacks something I think.  How much can you revamp a character and still have it be the same character?


  1. My view is that if you don't think a character is viable under currently fashionable market trends, come up with a new one that is. Using the name and completely changing the character is not morally superior, it's just fraudulent. This is not related to chainmail bikinis or even characters in general, but the whole practice of branding.

  2. While its a nice picture, there is nothing tieing this to Sonja, all I see is a red head with swords, could almost be that wildling from Game of Thrones.
    Here are Marvel's deisngs for Sonja.
    basic "classic" default Sonja.
    Marvel's blue furred Sonja, notice boots, gloves, jewelry and weapons are transferred from the default look, makes sense.
    The blue fur then switched to blue leather, gloves, boots and jewelry remains the same.
    Blue leather, alternates with brown, boots, gloves and jewelry remain the same, but the default neck guard makes a reappearance.

    You know I really should write a post about this... :)