Friday, September 25, 2015

Wishfull Thinking, or What About Truth in Advertising?

And so it ends, with a whimper, not with a bang, the insufferable run of Gail Simone in Red Sonja: She-Devil With a Sword. She will not be missed, sad to say. Now, as soon as the over-inflated, redundant, and in the end, utterly useless Swords of Sorrow is over, maybe we can ascribe all of it to a bad dream, a liquor-inspired nightmare from Simone's usually drunk Sonja.

The last panel of the story, after the lamest finish one has memory of, promises Next: Red Sonja Reborn. As a promise, it is tantalizing, a return to healthier and happier times, to a more purposeful Sonja, not this dreg of politically correct-propelled walking-ad for self-pitiful wannabe-feminists. However, one bears in mind the implied threat of Simone, proffered in the already quoted interview from Previews World, that Swords of Sorrow would change everything in all the books of the crossover event. That doesn't bode well for poor ill-treated Red Sonja.

What do you think, dear reader?   


  1. Sonja beats to death the guy who warns her of the assassins just because he was a jerk. She forgets she knows how to use a bow herself and could have taken out the archer and at least one more from ambush to even the odds. The assassins are stupid enough to fall for the surrender ruse twice. And the mighty empress runs an empire so cheap she could only scrounge up a group of ineffectual squadies in the last issue and three inept bozos in this one to kill a few nuns and Sonja.

    I wish this were the end of Simone's ideas, but this blurb about Dynamite's plans at Baltimore Comicon does not fill me with hope.


    In January Red Sonja, Deja Theris, and Vampirella relaunch with Gail Simone leading the ideas. Rick Remember story Devolution coming

  2. Oh, Crom, f***k it, then. You can forget about any rebirth. :(

  3. Dynamite doesn't seem to want the look, the back story, or the characterization of Red Sonja, just the name. They had Xena, already, which didn't have the same staying power as Sonja. I wonder how well this Xena-like Sonja will last?

  4. Not much different in detail, but from Dynamite's marketing person, Kieth Davidsen:

    'The panel also looked into the future. Davidsen revealed that although Gail Simone’s run on Red Sonja ended this past week, there is already a relaunch planned for next year for Red Sonja and Vampirella that will be heavily influenced by Simone’s vision of the characters and where she wants to take the characters.'

    It sounds like the Simone hip attachment isn't ending any time soon.

  5. Replies
    1. Another of Gail 'I hate to change past continuity' Simone's changes in character and continuity.

  6. Not done reading yet. But maybe I'll take my time. Had such high hopes too.