Friday, September 2, 2016

New Red Sonja Ongoing ...Yaaaaay...erm...hang on...wait a minute!!!

So Dynamite have announced a new Red Sonja ongoing in December, starting with an #0 written by Amy Chu and drawn by Carlos Gomez.
Well looks like the bikini is back (and actually looks skimpier than before), interesting that Dynamite has so quickly dismissed the "brave new direction" of the previous series.
So anyway, Chu states she wishes to take Sonja out of her "comfort zone" and put her in new exciting challenges, sounds good...

Erm...why is Sonja fighting a train? Sighs... So the new exciting challenges, is rehashing the world/time jumping of Marvel Team Up, Prophecy and Swords of Sworrows...seriously Dynamite, are you that bereft of ideas?


  1. If she doesn't shout 'By Chrome!' at some point, then this whole idea has been a waste. I'll give the team a chance. Maybe they can pull this out? So long as we don't get more Horny Sandra, I can see where this goes for a while.

  2. I loved the Gail Simone run so the new team have a tough act to follow.

  3. Since I didn't like Simone's run at all, just being a new writer is a plus. Bennett's run was simply too anachronistic for the Hyborian setting. It sounds like Chu is following a similar idea, where Bennett took the grim out of Hyboria in order to have a political play that made no sense in the setting Chu is going to take Sonja out of the setting altogether so she can what? That we'll see, I guess. Not sure about the setting, though, but hopefully it's just the single arc.

  4. Oh, joy, Simone was involved in picking the writer. Dynamite's really attached themselves to the hip with Simone. When will it ever end.

  5. Another one influenced by the movie and only knows Simone's work, lovely.

    1. So...Sonja inst a strategist? Shes never been a captain or general of mercenary troops? Dear God it gets worse with every fecking writer.