Sunday, April 12, 2020

Red Sonja: Birth of the She Devil: Lucio Parrillo

Keeping with the covers theme, and particularly with the covers for RED SONJA: BIRTH OF THE SHE-DEVIL (2019), here is the set by Lucio Parrillo that comprised the main covers for that title.

They’re strangely (and almost certainly involuntarily) complementary to the Parel variants. Where those covers were peacefull, almost restfull, with only traces of blood telling about violent combat, this set by Parrillo is full of violent action, battlelust, blood and gore. Parrillo’s Sonja is the full-bodied buxom warrior we all know and love, and his style perfectly evokes the classic Marvel covers by Joe Jusko and Boris Vallejo. By looking at them one never doubts that Sonja could fight an army on that metal bikini, and the sword cuts on her body fully attest to it. Parrillo also chose to emphasize the barbarian nature of Sonja (particularly in the cover for #4), what with all the skull necklace, heavy earrings and tribal face-paint.  It is a magnificent set, marred only by Sonja’s pin-up expression on the cover for #3.

Dynamite offered another set of variant covers by Sergio Dávila that, at least to me, look perfectly indifferent, and yet another (again, to my taste) perfectly irrelevant set of cosplay covers.


  1. I must confess that I like the first cover - she's the double of my previous girlfriend. (Okay, I'm lying, but I do like the cover.)

  2. Hi there, Kid.

    It's funny hw we dated the same girl... ;)