Sunday, May 31, 2020

Sexy Sonja Sunday

Red Sonja is one of the sexiest comic book characters of all time, even as she's fast approaching the half-century mark. As such, she is frequent fodder for artists and fans alike, from fan-art to porn fanfiction. "Arion" is one of the most talented digital artists whose work can be found on Deviant Art and other sites. This wonderful rendering of an intimate Sonja and Vampirella may very well sum up everything Sonja fans feel summarizes any of the Dynamite crappy crossovers currently featuring these two characters.

Now, with a new cross-over recently announced, MARS ATTACKS RED SONJA (how silly can you get, really?) - it all seems to fall into place: all these phantasmagorias of comic book worlds, all these insipid and uninspired money-milking plots, all these irredeemable incongruences, are mere editorial porn. Whoring Sonja over and over again.

The image above can also be construed as porn (if you're so inclined, you can check the x-rated versions on the author's Patreon), as are many of the puerile sex fantasies Sonja inspires in many of its readers, and, I'm sure, many would expect as the only single positive thing that could come out of such cross-overs as VAMPIRELLA/RED SONJA, or RED SONJA & VAMPIRELLA MEET BETTY & VERONICA, not to mention the dreadful SWORDS OF SORROW, that even as pure porn woul be boring. But I digress. Yes, even the image above can be construed as porn. But it is honest porn. Kudos for that.

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