Sunday, February 5, 2023

Red Sonja Pearl's Before Swine

 So Dynamite have (as of Feb 2023) ended all Red Sonja series, but have decided to launch an Indiegogo campaign for a cosplayer and "influencer" writing a one off book called Pearls before Swine. Up until now, the writer Ani Mia has wrote two stories, both Bettie Page stories,and now gets a Sonja book, citing her hero Gail Simone...Jesus fucking the Horny Sandra write the only person to write Sonja?....

Ani Mia cosplay cover.
Some other cosplayers..

At least the art looks nice, but well, good way to celebrate the 50th anniversary, with a crowdfunding comic.


  1. Thanks for your dedication to helping others learn

  2. They've been publishing Torunn Groenbekk's Sonja for a few months. It is OK, Walter Geovanni on art. Trouble there is he got so in Simone's pocket his art just reminds me of Horny Sandra which is what I keep expecting Torunn's run to turn into.

    Dan Panosian is doing Savage Red Sonja starting in November but the interior art looks like a grade schooler did it, scratchy indie art is what comes to mind so I'll pass.

    This is the 50th anniversary of Red Sonja, hard to tell. I do think the last run by Mirka Andolfo was meant to head into the 50th with Red Sitha, a black girl with red hair just like Hannah John Kamen. I suspect when she and director Joey Soloway (left/were asked to leave/were booted) Dynamite had no tie in to the movie for the 50th and just shut down books until they got Torunn.

    Thanks for keeping up with Red Sonja.

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  4. One year later and this comic hasn't even been released. I wonder if it hit its Indiegogo target. Shame because even if the story doesn't sound any great shakes and Simone as an influence is always a big warning sign, the art actually looks really good, especially by modern Sonja standards.