Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why a Red Sonja blog?

When I started learning to design web pages I was interested in comics. I could find websites for all my favorite heroes, but none for Red Sonja. I started a site some of you may have seen long ago, but have gotten away from the static webpage, so, a blog. This blog will be similar to Amazon Princess, which has been extremely successful.

I invite anyone interested to contribute. I don't have enough to say about Red Sonja to do it all the time, and maybe you have an interest but find it hard to fit the She-Devil into your own blog. Well, here is the place for you. Email or Tweet me with a request, and I will add you to the contributor list.

Email or Twitter

To get things rolling, here is my favorite cover. Red Sonja: She-devil with a Sword Vol.1 Num.5. I am pretty sure Frank Thorne is the artist. If not, it is certainly the Frank Thorne styled Sonja.


  1. Looking good...I come up with anything I'll forward you a link or email you a scan ...if it's something you know or have...no big deal.

  2. In fact I myself am working on a drawing to start a fan art post. I have enlisted some help. Former Kubert school alumns who have gladly volunteered a drawing or 2.

  3. As I surfed around looking for some cool Red Sonja info and pics I noticed several like about a half dozen or so other similar sites.
    I will be our endeavor to provide information and interesting tid bits without being too boring.
    I have taken up Darius invitation to be a contributor for the blog. So I think it's safe to say that I speak for us all.
    The art I posted can be found anyplace on any one of those other sites. Photos too.
    But I feel this blog should be more of a club house rather than a file...so to speak. We should keep it friendly and personable as well as offering up the user participation opp.
    Anyone can create a blog about anything. I say we keep it good clean fun.
    Save the Blah blah blah for the blah blah blogs. Information is one thing art is another. But too much info can bore a reader.
    I've said too many words already. Bye.