Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Holy Grail

I picked this Slurpee cup on Ebay for roughly 12 dollars. It came with a set of two Conan cups but let's be honest; I bought the set for the Red Sonja cup.

When I got the cup, it was pretty dirty. The previous owner had stored it in his cupboard since the 70's and it showed. I was in love with the cup, but afraid it would poison me if I touched it. That would be poetic I guess. How many of us would gladly risk death to touch Red Sonja's cups?

Ahem. I used a simple degreaser to clean it. The plastic itself has turned yellow in some places but that's good. It just makes it look more like the holy relic that it is.

The image of Red Sonja comes from Marvel Feature Presents Red Sonja #4 but it looks like it was redrawn. There is a unicorn on the back, which was a character from Red Sonja #1. If I had to bet, I would guess John Buscema did the art based on Frank Thorne designs.

For me this item hits the holy trinity of Red Sonja memorabilia. Does it have the chain mail bikini? Does it have awesome red hair? Does it have a remarkable feminine body?

I plan to use it as a dice cup for my next Conan RPG game.

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  1. I think I remember that cup, but I did move to Lower Butt Lick, Alabama around that time, and we had no 7-11s.