Friday, September 4, 2009

Red Sonja Miniatures

Since I have been doing miniatures at Adventures in Nerdliness, I thought I'd add a few here too. Not the best I have done, but they are Red-tastic!

This one is from Australia. Ground Zero Games, perhaps? As I was looking through my collection I noticed I bought two of these, and actually painted them both.

This is a Ral-Partha dwarf that is obviously Red Sonja. The only thing that makes it a dwarf are the stubby little legs.

That's all for now on the mini front.


  1. I like that top's cute.

  2. Thanks. She kinda looks like Kim Kardashian as Red Sonja :-)

  3. I just like the Heinie...more like Vida than Kim. lol

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  5. Iron Wind Metals has re-released a couple of Ral Partha female barbarians who are very Sonja-ish. Look for figures DF-349 and DF-350 in their online catalog.