Sunday, December 6, 2009

Red Sonja was Kung Fu fightin'

I mentioned the classic Sonja reprint that appears at the end of Queen Sonja #1 a few weeks ago and didn't bother to share it because...well, I figured everyone would have already seen it since I'm so far behind on my reading. But I've decided to share it anyway. It's just that good.

If only they could have printed these older books on better quality paper. Man, what a waste.

And speaking of Ol' Queen Sonja, the Lucio Parrillo cover for #2 is beautiful (I've also thought the Jackson Herbert covers for both issues were great, but I haven't picked them up...yet.) There was also a page in the second issue of the new title that I thought was interesting.

Nobody likes getting a boot to the face, but what a way to go if you have to get one, eh? I guess only then would you be able to answer the age old question of "what does Sonja really wear under her loin cloth?"


  1. like what they did to the cover

  2. There's just a little patch....of fabric. :)

  3. Sure, that's what the puritans in charge of making the book appropriate for all ages would have you think...

  4. Yeah who do they think they are those puritanical , puritanistic puristani's
    we all like the idea there is nothing but nothing but air between us and Sonja's waist dressing.