Saturday, December 12, 2009

A whole bunch of beautiful art! ll

I was looking for some Boris Vallejo art for my Hercules blog and I cam across this site that had a dozens of pieces of RED SONJA art. I could shoot myself in the head for not getting the name of the site. I tried to go back but I could not find it.
If anyone knows what I'm talking about please share with us. Every SONJA fan needs to know about every little thing out there. I found some really nice pics and now I'm going to share them. Some of these artists you may know or have even heard of. Maybe someone will recognize their own art and tell us a little about them selves.
Anyway people , enjoy these awesome works of art bvy pro's and fans alike. There are so many this'll be a 2 parter.


  1. I know the more risque' nude drawings of Sonja are not for everybody and took a moment of thought before I posted them. I posted them because as art they are creative and the subject matter is more of a comedic nature than that of a perverted one.
    But as adults I am sure at some points we exhibit signs of a perverted sense of humor.

  2. No problems here.

    Cool blog.


  3. Yes there is Hoover and Brunner and I see a CHO...there is a Chan and a bunch more pro pieces. That nude color piece " Sonja " has a name there. I can't make it out but if you go to the Goddessfreya site and find it you may be able to define the signature a little better. But ....I do like red. ;)